Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Tahera Aziz moved to England at the age of seven. Having initially embarked on studying the sciences, she changed her career path to explore the creative and visual arts, graduating in Fine Art (Combined and Media) in 1993.

Tahera Aziz has had a longstanding creative and socio-political interest in identity, migration and racism. Over years she has produced artwork that explores how wider socio-political issues or events can impact on the individual to shape their experiences, and their sense of self and belonging. This has been expressed through photo-based installation work (Exceptional Leave to Remain, 1993 and My Grandmother Doesn’t Speak the Same Language as Me, 1996). More recently, she has examined the potential of sound and documentary practices as a form of remembrance, harnessing the notion of lieux de memoire or ‘sites’ of memory as expressed by Pierre Nora; [re]locate is the culmination this research and experimentation based on revisiting the Stephen Lawrence case.